Our artisans are available to demonstrate the simple and eco-friendly techniques used to build games

We host workshops inside and outside our atelier.

Beginning five years age, we organize workshops with children and adults in various contexts. These workshops, rich in creativity, initiate participants in the handmade creation of games from wood and other materials, using simple techniques. 

By asking participants to find and collect the wood needed for the construction of games, we keep to our principle of wood recovery and also pass along the message against overconsumption.

Workshops are addressed to everyone who wants to create his own game.

Procedure of the workshop :

Initially, we present different games made by our association. 
Generally, we propose the creation of not very complicated games, in order to give participants free reign to their imagination.

The animation team regulates the activity, explains the techniques and know-how used and takes care so that safety rules are enforced by all participants.

We consider all adults who are present at a workshop to be part of the teaching team, whatever their profession might be, and we assume that each member of the group needs to adopt a responsible attitude which will guarantee the good functioning of the workshop.

E.g. Prices starting from €240 for 2 hours and 8 participants

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