In this part of our website, you will find the rules of the games produced by Kaloumba, a short historic description and photos. Our approach is to discover all the games of the world and then share our knowledge. That’s why we provide all the rules of the games we’ve made.
You can find old and recent games from different countries. Some of them are published and can be found in commerce while others have never been.

It’s your turn now. Have a look at the photos, read the rules and then try to construct them.
Some games can be initially reproduced on a sheet of paper and then, if you like a game, reproduce it by constructing it according to your technical means…

WARNING: Some games may be protected against reproduction by patents, trademarks or international copyright laws. Their presence here does not in any way mean that they fall into the public domain. Any person wishing to use these rules for trade should carefully check any  conditions and commitments as set out by the authors or owners of the game concerned.The association assumes no responsibility.