Games are a fun activity where you can relax and be entertained

Games are a fun activity where you can relax and be entertained, but they also allow us to engage ourselves on a cultural, educational and social level:
Games are universal. To explore other countries through their games is to encounter other cultures; we discover other ways of thinking.
The association has sought and recorded games of all origins and historic periods in order to work towards an understanding of world’s cultures.
Whether it’s about skills, strategy or luck, games are a reflection of cultures and people from all around the world and their diversity offers us much information about their historical and symbolic origins.

Stimulating the imagination, the curiosity and the wonder we can feel while playing, games also contribute to the psychological and intellectual development of every individual. They make us think, choose and decide. They strengthen our capacity for concentration, self control and physical coordination.

In Europe, games were used as a teaching and educative tool for the first time in the nineteenth century. It was then realized that they reinforce children’s skills and contribute to their mental and motor development. In other regions, such as in Asia, games have been used as a learning instrument for a long time. Through our activities we create spaces for meetings around games, in a context of intergenerational and multicultural exchange. Games gather together different individuals, or a given group, around a moment of entertainment, relaxation and communication. But above all, playing requires following rules and respecting other players, so games can enhance solidarity and communication among people.
Our attempt is to contribute to the development and maintenance of social bonds.

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